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Some freequently asked questions and answers

1. Why the Paste Screenshot button disabled?

Firstly, check the right sided 'Enable screen capture' checkbox. A confirmation window will ask you to allow PixCap applet to run. Allow it and within a moment the Paste Screenshot button will activated. If it takes too much time or generating error, refresh the browser window or reload the application. You can also check whether your browser having Java and its Javascript enabled or not.

2. Which image formats supported by Pixtick?

Right now we are supporting JPG(or JPEG), PNG and GIF image format when you load it from your hard drive or from remote location via web URL. If a web URL doesn't gives you a image in Pixtick, check the URL by opening it in a blank browser window.

3. Why the Pixtick watermark?

Its just for 'on-the-fly' users. Login as registerd user and you will find it nowhere.

4. What is the maximum image size i can generate from Pixtick?

The Pixtick canvas size can grow upto 2500x2500. So it is the limit of your working area and generated image. However, you can load image or paste screenshot of any size. We squizzed them internally, maintaining the aspect ratio to fit on the specified canvas.

5. Why its taking too much time to upload?

Its vary due to image size and your connection speed. The bigger images takes more comparing to smaller ones.

6. While uploading, it says 'Space unavailable in server'. Why?

Pixtick launched in alpha version. We are giving limited space in server to upload images. You can contact us to expand the space.

7. How much space for each user right now?

We are giving 15mb of space to each user generally. It will expanded up periodically in future. However you can visit our Facebook page and get more.

8. While emailing from Pixtick, it says 'Error in server'. What that mean?

Either connection with server hampered or server responded with error. Better you try again. Also avoid any '<' or '>' symbol in mail body or subject.

9. Browser get hanged after the confirmation window for applet comes out. Any remedy?

Try to put focus on other window or press Alt+Tab and again come to Pixtick.

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