Privacy Policy and Security
How we handle your info. How secure it is.

1. Do we store e-mail ids?

In the process of registering, we take your e-mail id as a authenticity prove and communication media. We never stores email id's of others while you send e-mail from Pixtick.

2. Do we share your informatiion with others?

We never shares any of your information with other organisation, companies or third parties.

3. Do we send unwanted e-mails?

We will never send you any sort of e-mail regarding any promotional offer, add campaign or marketing mail. However, we may update you with critical bug fixing or major changes in Pixtick.

4. Is the stored images are public?

No. The images and their access links are in control of yours.

5. The Signature of the PixCap applet is not verified or authentic. Is that safe?

Pixtick is in alpha stage. The signature is not verified yet. Technically, its only access the 'Clipboard' of your system. The applet only required to paste the captured screenshot in Pixtick. You can also go without it and do the other things in Pixtick.

6. Is it harmless?

Pixtick only access the 'Clipboard' of your system to capture screenshot. In general, no malfunction should not possible with it. But, as no software in this planet is 100% safe, we are also. We will not be responsible for any sort of damage.

7. What about lost of data?

It is suggested that you keep a backup of your uploaded material to avoid accidental lost of data.

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