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Save, mail, upload or share. All online.

Pixtick gives you the power to capture screenshot, annotating or editing images and publishing them from within your browser. You doesn't need to download or install anything. Just launch it and you are ready.

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Capture, Open, Load

Capture screenshot of any desktop element or web page and get the capture. Open an existing image or saved screen capture from your hard disk. Load a remote image by providing the URL. Even you doesnt need to work one by one, we store your images as a album for ease of work.

Edit, Annotate, Compose

Start basic editing with your stored images from album. Resize, rotate, crop, set alpha, use blur, put shadow are some of them. Use our robust annotation tools to annotate the images. Customize the canvas, add multiple images in your compilation.

Is my browser OK ?

You need Flash Player in your browser. Also required Java to capture screenshot. Fortunately most of the browser having these and are free.

Flash Player status -
Java Runtime status -

Save, Email, Upload, Share, Print

Save your work in PNG, JPG or PDF format. Email them directly from here. Upload them in server and get the links to embed them in web pages, blogs etc. Share your compilation in social network sites. Sharing in Facebook, Twitter, Digg is one click job from Pixtick. Also do print.

Its FREE. Share the love

Pixtick is free! Use it seamlessly without any restriction. Its still in alpha stage. We are looking for your feedback to make it better. Visit our Facebook page and get even more!

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